you want to know about me eh? Ehm.. OK. I am a #creative person from #italy who focuses on crafting #unique & #innovative identities for businesses. Not enough? Then keep scrolling #youcuriouspeople



2002. Somewhere between the rolling hills of Tuscany and the fashion savvy starkness of Milano, lies the charming Italian town of Parma. A look through our narrative Birdseye lens sees a colorful patchwork of boutique designer stores, Parmesan cheese and Parma ham production factories and piazza lined espresso bars. Amidst this little prosciutto heaven lays our charming biography-protagonist.

There he is! To the left!

No MORE to the left.

That dude sitting at the desk of his first creative agency job at ‘Studio Ghiretti,’ He’s styled with one of his signature hats and combination of strategically selected (let’s not kid ourselves) metrosexual wristbands.

Fast forward one year and somewhere between all the pasta consumption, wristband selections, disco and Peroni, our swanky Italiano’s love for design and assigned creative projects have extended from creating the desktop wallpaper of boss Roberto all the way to designing for the likes of important brands. His creative edge has caught the attention of Casapound Italia, a major Italian political party. We know our leading man is going places when his branding for their political campaign are enough to stir up the emotions of a house full of Italian politicians. In spite of his rapidly growing client base and promising Parmesan sprinkled future, our dashing hero decides to make a career move, and we’re not just talking figuratively! Not only does he thinks outside of the box, apparently our man even thinks outside of the HEMISPHERE. #SYDNEY.

Crossing raging oceans and slaying grisly fire breathing dragons (during inflight video games), it is Australia that steals the heart of our valiant design champion and becomes the hub of his creative wizardry.

Within six months, our victorious designer has landed a job at Belgrin – a boutique Sydney based creative agency and is fast designing and coding for the likes of Lauretana water and the Norton St Festa. He’s soon sought after as creative director and marketing manager for leading Coffee roaster, Coffee Galleria. (#DIDSOMEONESAYCOFEE?) But like his collection of pretentious hats remains undying, so too does our leading man’s desire to outdo himself. In a brazen move, (or a stupid one, depending on if you ask him or his girlfriend), our shimmering Italian in Armani armor gives up the stability of a secure job and puts it all on the line to create his own creative agency – MAGEECO CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT.

– Break for shameless self promotion –

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And so? What became of the little Italian that could?

MAGEECO IDENTITY CREATIONS has ensured our muncher of cured Italian meats can now add the ranks of The Anglican Church, ALDI  and Via Napoli under his suave Dior belt. He’s been featured on SBS and RAI Italia and has an army of fellow prosciutto munching design geeks and MAGEECO services arising in his name.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Meet the man (and his hat) himself!

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