Corporate Identity

Juju Catering is one of the newest and freshest catering company in Sydney. The feeling of their branding is earthy, friendly and warm still keeping a very high end and sophisticated touch. Dark back colours and High contrast are the real character of this great Identity.

When Juju catering contacted MageeCo they needed their idea do be forwarded to their clients through a complete new branding, collaterals, menus (different versions for web and printing), eDMs and so on. Our mission was to communicate their modern and trendy feel to the final consumer. To do this, the choice of the images was very important. We let our photographer taking the most succulent shots which together with a fresh branding and our design choices, produced what you can now see.

A spread from their menu

MageeCo also takes care of their Instagram page which grew more than 1000% in the first 4 months


Some Samples of our Photography below


Juju Catering